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Travertine is a very special marble – beautiful and with particular technical qualities – used in Italy and abroad for over 2000 years to create prestigious architectural works in many different periods and styles and which over decades and even hundreds of years, has provided proof of its strength and durability.

The beauty, elegance and variety of selected Travertine colours have, day after day, promoted the awareness that with “Furnishing Solutions in Travertine marble” by TORRESAN Travertino, the chance finally exists to experience the thrill of nature’s creations, unique and unrepeatable, and which do not fear the passage of Time.

Italian Travertine selected by TORRESAN Travertino has particular features:

A natural recyclable product with an endless life cycle;

No stratification to make it brittle and flaky;


Good resistance to wear and acid attack;

High resistance to weathering and chemicals;

Long-lasting stability;

Minimum maintenance and free of that normally required for concrete, wood and iron structures;

Naturally non-slip surface;

Resistant to temperature fluctuations;

Elastic, so it can be split into thin layers;

Minimum absorption;

Easily treated with water and oil-repellent products and water-based waxes;

Customizable by also changing the colour of the porous grout;

Does not accumulate heat and quickly conveys this into the environment. This makes it perfect for outdoor floors exposed to the sun or heated floors;

Its porosity, which is waterproof, being made up of small cavities that do not communicate with each other, reduces its thermal inertia making it suitable for use in all outdoor environments to improve thermal comfort during the summer months;

Usable in all contexts where water exists or could exist;

Radon content at lowest levels detectable in natural stones and marbles;

Our Travertine Marble

Travertine marble is available in a large assortment of different colours and shades, such as, for example: light, light grey, light imperial, hazelnut, imperial hazelnut, cloudy hazelnut, streaked hazelnut, walnut, mixed nut, grey nut, scabas, honey, honey mix, gold honey, sahara, cloudy orange, cloudy blue, cloudy white, Etruscan, cloudy green.


It also offers great freedom as regards the choice of edge and surface finishes: rounded, antiqued, old antiqued, rounded antiqued, modern antiqued, coated, antique coated, rustic, round semi-rustic, thus making possible the creation of one-of-a-kind, unrepeatable and exclusive products.


Each of our products stands out from those made from other marbles not only in terms of colour and shape but also as regards light effects and reflections created by the bas-reliefs of the porosity: a unique and unmistakable surface to look at and above all to touch. “Our floors are also nice to experience barefoot”: such is the extraordinariness of the surface of our floors that they are also a pleasure to walk on barefoot.


Latest Projects

Discover our achievements in travertine for interiors and exteriors.
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