Our Creations

Travertine is the ideal solution for making indoor flooring and walls, stair coverings of any shape and contour, shower trays, solid-wood washbasinsfountainsinterior walls and lots more.

TORRESAN Travertino selects remarkably refined-quality travertine, able to give an exclusive and elegant edge to any rooms. As our gallery shows, the extensive range of colors and finishes of our marble makes it suitable for any internal flooring and coverings. It works in every setting: from classic venues, to country-style environments, to the most contemporary solutions like our Travertine LED lighted shower trays.

Just like metal, Italian travertine is both resistant and malleable and can be molded into any shapes. It can also be cut into 8mm-thick slabs measuring 120 x 120 cm.: marble sheets so thin that they can be used for internal panelling with no need to apply any reinforcements and produce a nice, clear metallic sound when tapped.

These features make it especially suitable for internal flooring and covering as well as for being sculpted, moulded and shaped into decorating items, shower trays, fireplaces and fountains that best satisfy each costumer’s taste. Ask for all information you need and show us your project: together we can make your dream come true.

Internal Realizations

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