Handcraft Care

Italian handcraft care

TORRESAN Travertino is a company which, for over twenty years now, has specialized in the design and manufacture of floors, walls and complementary furnishing items in Italian Travertine, the marble born in water from elements dissolved in it over one million years ago and located in Tuscany and Lazio.

The owners of the company periodically visit the Travertine marble quarries where they directly choose the blocks to be cut into slabs of various thicknesses. This way, they are constantly aware of the colour variations provided by nature and can continue along the exciting path of selecting ever new and fascinating shades. Only the endless variety of Travertine colours is able to give our customers the pleasure of being able to say: “I chose that”.

Travertino Care Technology is the outcome of 5 years of research and development that led to the creation of an operational procedure aimed at optimising the selection of the natural porosity of Travertine marble.
In floor coverings, it prevents unexpected openings, over time, of surface cavities in marble of over 0.8cm wide, after Travertine marble has been laid.

This innovative procedure, exclusive to TORRESAN Travertino, sets a new global standard for the selection and supply of Travertine marble.

New Technologies

For several years TORRESAN Travertino is being using a 3D measuring system to perform all surveys. This allows us to cut any Travertine pieces into made to measure items.

They then become part of stairs panelling, shower trays, kitchen worktops, arch doors that suit the curved and complex geometric structures developed by contemporary architects and designers.

Thanks to this modern system we can provide the highest customization not only for marble surfaces finishes but also for the new that are often conceived on site thanks to the creativity of the designers and the talent of the craftsmen involved in a project.

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