Our Story

Our dream, our history

The Dream

A suitcase with a great dream inside

In, 1961, a young, ambitious and determined craftsman decided to go to Australia, accompanied only by a large suitcase. In that suitcase, full of tools, curiosity and hope, a dream took shape: to learn to improve the environments we live in by arousing emotions, in Italy and the world as a whole.

From that time on, Gino Torresan started to instil life into our daily environments. His hands, increasingly more skilled and expert, experimented and confronted on a daily basis an unknown land and culture, covering places dedicated to protecting affections and memories. Everything in this story speaks of love and passion, for the family and a raw material.


Our history began in the early 1960s, on the other side of the globe.

In 1961, driven by a strong desire to make his dream come true, Gino Torresan, an ambitious and determined artisan, decided to emigrate to Australia.

Gino left with just a suitcase full of tools, which he knew well and had been using since he was a boy, as he was resolved to turn his passion into the dream of his life.

His skilled and expert hands began to create the spaces of everyday life, cladding the places that he had designed and created to house his family, his treasured belongings and his memories.

Everything, in this history, revolved around his family and his great passion.

A passion that enabled Gino, supported and encouraged by his precious wife Ester, to see his dream gradually take shape. A dream of providing emotions, developing solutions to meet customer requirements and helping them choose reliable and timeless materials.

In 1967, Gino Torresan decided to return to Italy with his family, where he initially specialised in supplying and installing flooring and cladding. When his sons entered the company, first Robert in 1977 and then Paolo in 1986, Gino saw all his wishes come true.

The passion, love and constant dedication handed down from a father to his sons materialised into the creations of TORRESAN Travertino.

The longstanding experience of materials and installation techniques acquired in the flooring and cladding sector, combined with a knowledge of marble and granite gained over the years, led the company to a turning point.

In the early 1990s, a passionate choice was made: the brand “Ciottoli di Torresan” was created that specialised in processing travertine, the raw material par excellence. The last ten years have seen the company grow and evolve with the creation of the new TORRESAN Travertino | Italian Creations brand.

The beauty, elegance and variety of colours of travertine ensure that creations by TORRESAN Travertino are original products with unique design.

The dream that began 50 years ago with travertine marble has become a reality.


Experience that creates emotions


After returning to Italy in 1967, Gino transformed expertise and passion into a business activity able to regularly satisfy needs, both aesthetic and functional.
Thanks to his experience, marble and granite took on new shapes and turned into solutions able to cater to the tastes and preferences of all his customers.

Each installation recounts of a bond, an idea, a new start, always distinguished by a passion for the environments of our lives and the desire to arouse emotions.
Emotions which Gino also experiences in his family: from his marriage to Ester, Robert and Paolo were born; in 1977 and 1986 respectively, they decided, with great enthusiasm, to join their father in his business enterprise.

In the early-Nineties, an unexpected encounter changed Gino’s life and work for ever, giving them a new twist.

Charming, elegant, multi-coloured, he gave life to unrepeatable, exclusive creations, with an inimitable design: thanks to Travertine, a material so unique and special as to re-awaken the senses and evoke endless beauty.

Caressing it, working it, touching its every single pore with your fingers, the imagination immediately flies away through time and space, bringing back to mind incomparable and eternal works.


Travertine became a love choice: in those same years “Ciottoli Torresan” was created, a new brand focused only on working Travertine and always distinguished by those values which have determined the success of Gino Torresan.
 A precious legacy, passed down through the years with wisdom and dedication to his children and which, on the threshold of the new millennium, proved to be a new opportunity.

After more than half a century since that long journey and that large suitcase, Gino’s dream has come true: thanks to the support of his family, to infinite talent and to the extraordinary quality of Travertine, today TORRESAN Travertino continues to enhance the environments of our lives, without ever failing to arouse emotions.


The tradition of Travertine looks to the future.
The raw material par excellence lives on in the present, bringing together culture and philosophy, tradition and design, classic style and innovation, once again, giving us exclusive and original creations.
And here is the magic: Travertine, emotions that last forever.

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